End of Life Option Act

Cadence Hospice is supportive of helping our patients explore their end-of-life options, which includes California’s End-of-Life Option Act. The End-of-Life Option Act allows terminally ill patients who are making decisions at the end of their lives to request and obtain a prescription for medication to end their lives in a peaceful, dignified manner. Cadence Hospice does not actively encourage our patients to obtain the aid-in-dying drug, however, we respect our patient’s right to choose this option. Participation by our staff and affiliated healthcare providers is voluntary and we respect the rights of our employees and affiliated healthcare providers to choose whether to participate in the End-of-Life Option Act. If a patient’s attending physician chooses not to participate, we will assist the patient in transferring to an alternative participating physician. If you would like more information on Cadence Hospice’s End of Life Option Act participation policies, please click here.

Please note that while Cadence Hospice has chosen to participate in assisting its patients to exercise their rights under the End-of-Life Option Act, if you reside in an inpatient setting (e.g., skilled nursing facility) the inpatient facility may not allow patients to participate in the End-of-Life Option Act while on the premises. Please contact the inpatient facility where you reside for their participation status and policy on the End-of-Life Option Act.